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9 Cafes in Budapest You Must Visit


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Budapest, one of Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, is also home to a lot of coffee culture. It is not easy to find the perfect place to have your morning coffee or afternoon tea in this large city. These 9 coffee shops in Budapest are worth visiting.

Espresso Embassy

Espresso Embassy

Espresso Embassy is a pioneer of Budapest’s third-wave coffee scene | Courtesy of Espresso Embassy

Espresso Embassy It is the first cafe in the third wave of cafes in Budapest. It gets its name from the Embassy of Montenegro, which is right next to it. It is a quirky coffee shop that focuses on delicious and aromatic coffee. Espresso Embassy also sells the coffee beans used to make the espresso. The cafe has a selection of coffee bags that can be bought. There are a few pastries and cakes on the food menu.

Coffee Shop 64

Cup of coffee

Cup of coffee | © James Joel/Flickr

Simply named after it’s street number and only two years old, 64 Coffee Shop It has been a favorite among Budapest coffee lovers. You can choose from a variety of high-quality coffees, all ecologically certified. They also offer freshly made croissants. Although it is small, the place feels cozy and the staff is very friendly. You will need to arrive early as there are only limited seating options.

First Strudel House in Pest

Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel | © Yasmina Haryono / flickr

This Cafe This is a great place to enjoy the Hungarian traditional pastry strudel with a cup of tea or coffee. There are many fillings available for strudel, including sweet options like cherry strudel or rhubarb strudel. The cafe is conveniently located, and the service and atmosphere are warm and welcoming.

Praga Coffee & Tea House

The trendy cafe has been a popular meeting place for locals, students, and artists for many years. It has a vintage feel and is a great place to have friendly conversations with others while enjoying a cup of coffee. There are many burger options on the menu, including a selection of duck breast burgers. The fries come with generous portions. This cafe’s staff is known for being friendly and accommodating to customers.

Praga Coffee & Tea House, Baross Utca 8,Budapest, Hungary, +36 1 486 1937

Aztek Choxolat

Aztek Choxolat has a reputation for making homemade bonbons and specialty chocolates. They also offer a wide range of hot chocolate drinks. The hot chocolates they make are some of the best in Budapest. The cafe also serves great coffee, with a variety of Robusta or Arabica blends. All drinks, pastries, and cakes are made right on the premises. The cafe is comfortable and cozy, with large armchairs that can be positioned next to the windows and small wooden tables outside.

Aztek Choxolat, Karoly Krt. 22, Budapest, Hungary, +36 30 225 1883

Hot Chocolate © Pexels

Hot Chocolate © Pexels

Alexandra Book Cafe

alexandra bookcafe flickr sarah stierch 9 Cafes in Budapest You Must Visit

Alexandra Bookcafe, Budapest, Hungary | © Sarah Stierch / Flickr

The newest coffee shop, located on the top floor of the Paris Department Store, is a must-see. The interior is decorated in Neo-Renaissance style, with gold as its predominant color. The ceiling of Alexandra is decorated with colorful frescoes from Karoly Lotz (one of the most skilled Hungarian artists of 19th century), whose work can be found in many other buildings around Budapest. Alexandra’s most surprising aspect is its prices. Although the building is luxurious and the coffees are excellent quality, it is not much more expensive than regular coffee shops in Budapest.

Walzer Cafe

This is a quirky idea Cafe The location is outside the city’s center and on the other bank of the Danube River, it has a vibrant decor and friendly atmosphere. Walzer Cafe is located in Budapest’s Castle District, a 700-year old building. It is the perfect place to have breakfast or afternoon coffee. You can enjoy delicious coffee and cakes, as well as various lunch/brunch options like sandwiches, quesadillas, and other pastries. A station is available for children to color or to read books.

Zenit Cafe
Camembert and Bread |© Mark Tighe / Flickr

Camembert and Bread |© Mark Tighe / Flickr

Zenit Café is a coffee shop located in Budapest’s old Jewish district. The coffee is made from fresh roasted coffee beans, and served in adorable little glass cups. They are exquisite and well decorated. While enjoying a hot beverage, visitors can take in the stunning Great Synagogue right in front of them. A small selection of savory dishes is available; you should try the Zenit Toast and Grilled Camembert.

Dohany, Hungary Zenit Cafe 1a by Great Synagogue Budapest, Hungary, +361 308 5032

Piccolo Cafe

Locals are well-known for the high-quality Italian coffee they make at this café, which is located in Budapest’s historic square. You can enjoy one of the finest espressos in the country, as well as delicious sweet pastries. You can also enjoy their delicious panini, piadinas and two Italian specialties for a filling meal.

Piccolo Cafe, Jokai ter. 6, Budapest, Hungary, +36 70 773 21715 2153


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