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AISHA Hair Transplant Claimed


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About clinic:

The only permanent and definitive way to regain lost hair is through hair transplantation. It is preferred by all. Only medical professionals can perform hair transplantation. This operation will restore the individual’s natural hair. Istanbul’s Aisha Hair Transplant Center is ”The World’s Hair Transplant Center”. It is equipped with the latest technology and has an experienced team that provides high-quality and reliable services. This clinic is a preferred one from around the globe, which is unusual in this field. Our center offers a special holiday experience for its clients. It provides Hair transplantation services as well as accommodation, interpreter, and guidance support.

It is home to a rich and diverse cultural Turkey.

Aisha Hair Transplant Center will make your experience and provide unique services.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extract)

FUE is the most popular and widely used hair transplantation method worldwide. It is also the most accepted. Follicular Unit (Graft), is a natural structure in which more than one hair is connected. A follicular unit may contain one hair follicle or multiple hair follicles such as triple, quadruple …., and more. This information can be used to determine the hair density of an individual and plan a hair transplantation operation. The middle of the back between the ears is where the follicular units (grafts), are concentrated.

Experts and patients prefer FUE (Follicular Unit Extract) because it is an “minimally-invasive” method for hair transplantation. Follicular units (grafts), are extracted and then transplanted one at a time.

How is FUE hair transplantation done?

To keep the hair very short in the area where the transplanted follicular units will be made into the hairless zone, shave the hair.

The grafts will be taken from the Donor area between the ears using surgical instruments that can perform millimetric procedures called Micro Motors. To protect the grafts, they are placed in a container containing a special solution.

The new frontal hairline is determined based on the opinions of our experts and our patient’s request. The designated area for hair transplantation is opened to allow for the opening of channels where grafts can be transplanted.

It is important that the number of grafts performed and the number to be opened channels must be equal. It is crucial to determine the angle and direction of channels that will be opened in order to give them a natural look. The channel opening is the most crucial stage of any operation. This is why it is so important to have an expert perform the process. The Transplantation stage is the final stage of the operation.

FUE hair transplants take an average of 8-10hrs. This time period allows for between 1000 and 7000 (maximum number of transplants), which is 2500-17500 hair strands. One operation may suffice, depending on the extent of graft required to close the wound, and the request of the donor. Two or three operations are possible.


Q How long does the operation take?

​It takes between 6-8 hours to complete the operation. This time period can vary​​​​​ depending on how many grafts are being transplanted.

Q In what cases you cannot get hair transplantation?

If the area available for transplantation is insufficient, it may be denied. Patients with contagious diseases ...), allergies, heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes must indicate these. After a free examination, the details can be discussed.

Q Does it leave a mark or a scar and when do these heal?

FUE hair transplantation does not leave scarring or marks. Healing takes between 7-10 days.

Q What are the medicines I will use?

Post-operation, you will need to take antibiotics, edema reliefrs, painkillers, and anticoagulants. You will be given the prescribed medicines.

Q Do the hair follicles transplanted fall off in time?

After transplantation, the hair follicles from the donor area will not fall off. It is impossible for the genetic structure of hair follicles from that area to fall off. They retain their cell structure even after being transplanted.


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