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Best Things to Do in Leeds


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Leeds is located in Yorkshire, England. It is considered one of the northern gems. It has a mix of Victorian architecture and modern architecture. This contrast provides the perfect contrast that many tourists don’t have the opportunity to see. It’s no surprise that Leeds is a popular destination for students and tourists alike.

This list of top things to do in Leeds will allow you to discover just how many activities there are and how family-friendly it is. Many attractions cater to younger audiences, which makes it ideal for families and solo travelers.

1. Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park, Leeds

It is often difficult to find beautiful green spaces within the city centers of England. However, they are abundant outside the cities. Three miles north of Leeds City Centre, you will find 700 acres of rolling parkland and two clear lakes. There is also plenty of woodland. There are two playgrounds and several formal gardens to keep the children happy, in addition to the natural beauty of the nature. You can take a bus from Leeds City Centre to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy a wonderful family outing.

2. Tropical World

Meerkat at Tropical World

Tropical World is a perfect fit for our list, as it is located in Roundhay Park. This attraction is a great choice. It is a very popular attraction and will provide shelter from the elements should the weather turn bad. The small admission fee is PS5 for adults and PS2.50 for kids, but the value of what you will see is well worth it. You can see the butterfly house, which houses over forty varieties of butterflies from all over the globe. Before you venture out into the desert, go from the rainforest to Australia’s outback. You’ll get your money’s worth, and there are many rare birds, reptiles, and bats. The meerkats, however, are the main attraction.


3. Murgatroyds

Fish & Chips

There is a good chance that you will meet people who think of English people as fish and chips no matter where they are located. This is a common stereotype we can live up to and something you should definitely embrace when you visit England. Murgatroyds is regarded as the best fish-and-chip restaurant in England. You might be waiting for hours if you do not make a reservation. It is more expensive than regular fish and chip shops, but the quality of the food you get is well worth it. They also offer chicken breasts, lasagne, cheese and tomato pizza for those who are traveling and don’t want fish and chips. There’s something to satisfy all your tastes.

4. The Royal Armouries

The Royal Armouries, Leeds

Are you interested in history? The Royal Armouries is Leeds’s place for you. There are over 8,500 objects in six galleries that can be viewed, so there’s plenty to see at the attraction. There are pieces that focus on hunting, war, peace, tournaments and self-defence. Visitors are welcome to see the collection, which was intentionally created. Its origins date back to the middle ages. The Tower of London housed the rest of The Royal Armouries’ items. The national museum of arms, armour and other related items will capture your attention and spark your imagination.


5. Trinity Shopping Centre

A shopping center is a must-see in any English city. The Trinity Shopping Centre is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The centre offers entertainment, retail, dining, and leisure options. If you happen to be in Leeds during the Winter, you will see beautiful Christmas decorations. There are lights and trees that seem to magically appear over night. Treat yourself to something new or grab a bite at Chicago Rib Shack. You’ll love being under the Trinity Shopping Centre roof.

6. Leeds Corn Exchange

Leeds Corn Exchange

This shopping centre is unlike most modern-day shopping malls. It’s located in one of the best Victorian buildings in the north of England. It is an architectural masterpiece that has been a cultural icon and a major reason Leeds is the city it is today. This is the place to be if you prefer small independent retailers over large chains. You’ll find everything you need, from music shops that are independent to beautiful handmade jewellery shops. Browse Twit-Woo Vintage and sit down for a cup of coffee at Vanilla one or Humpit, one the first hummus/pita bars in Leeds.


7. Jackrabbits Cafe

Parents will know how difficult it is to keep children entertained in a cafe. Jackrabbits is the perfect solution. They are a pottery café. You can eat sandwiches and cake while you choose from a variety of pottery items to paint. They do come at a cost, with prices ranging from PS1 through PS30. There is a PS5 per-painter fee, but this fee does not change if you are painting more than one item. You can let your imagination run wild when painting anything, from mugs to animals. This is the only problem. Each item takes seven days to glaze so you must visit the cafe at the beginning of your trip.

8. Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre, Leeds

The Grand Theatre is the place to go if theatres appeal to you. This is something you will often hear in Leeds. The Grand Theatre was designed with a humorous purpose, in contrast to pub-based comedy that tends to lower the entertainment level. It was a great place to visit for tourists, with its architecture ranging from Romanesque to Gothic. Take a look at the current shows. It can range from comedy and ballet to family shows.


9. The Alchemist

The Alchemist, Leeds

Ever notice how much fun it is to see a mixologist make something that looks like they are secret alchemists. The Alchemist is located on the second floor at Trinity Shopping Centre. You can enjoy stunning views of Leeds City Centre at Night or even just a cup of coffee during the day. They call these molecular madness drinks Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, White Chocolate and Raspberry Martini. They also offer simple handcrafted cocktails with rustic appeal, like a Surprise Strawberry Daiquiri or a Strawberry Cup. You will be compelled to continue watching them mix even more drinks.

10. Thackray Medical Museum

Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds

Be aware, dear travelers, that certain exhibits may be too distressing for very young children. The staff at the museum are friendly and can answer any questions that you might have about which exhibits you should avoid if you’re travelling with children younger than 5. Tourists and residents alike visit the museum regularly because it offers entertainment and knowledge. Learn about Leeds’ grimy streets back in 1800s Leeds, or how scientific breakthroughs have impacted our lives. The Life Zone is a place where younger visitors can learn about the body. It’s a fun, interactive environment that allows them to work through their bodies. They will enjoy looking at their teeth and seeing how high they can leap.


11. Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds

Kirkstall Abbey is the ideal place to explore the kind of history that will capture your imagination and how far back it dates. It is one of the best medieval Cistercian abbeys anywhere in Britain. You can also enjoy a picnic area and a play area for the children. But don’t worry if you forgot to bring something to eat. You can also find a cafe there. The abbey is most popular in summer because of its location along the River Aire. There are many walking routes that run along the river banks. If you plan ahead, you might even be able see one of the Shakespeare plays in the ruins in the Summer.

12. City Varieties Music hall

City Varieties Music Hall

What would you think if you were told that you could walk on the same boards with people as brilliant and successful as Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Harry Houdini. Well, you can. The City Varieties Music Hall has survived almost unchanged for three centuries. You won’t see many Victorian buildings as beautiful as this hall, considering that they have all been lost to history. It is most well-known for its pantomimes and provides a unique space that many travellers love. One thing that most people notice about the building is the leg room. Don’t be afraid of tall travelers!


13. Moments Cafe

Moments Café

You wouldn’t be able to travel to the north of England without having the chance to enjoy a traditional English breakfast or fry-up. You may hear the first or second depending on where you live in England. However, many people will think the former after trying them. Moments Cafe offers one of the most delicious English breakfasts in a relaxed atmosphere. They are always open and will accommodate any dietary needs you may have.

14. Abbey House Museum

Abbey House Museum, Leeds

Do you want a day that is suitable for all ages? This attraction was previously shortlisted for the Museum Family Friendly Award. You can expect that it will deliver exactly what you want. The sets are crafted to resemble the Victorian-era streets, shops, and houses. If you need a break, you can even visit a replica Victorian drinking house. The displays will delight children, even though they might question what they did to have fun with the modern toys.


15. Leeds Kirkgate Market

Leeds Kirkgate Market

It’s quite an experience to visit Leeds Kirkgate Market for your first time. People often don’t think about markets on this scale. It’s because of this market that thousands of tourists visit each month. There are hundreds of stalls selling everything, from fresh, high-quality food, to electronics, to fishmongers. It is a pleasant experience because each seller knows a lot about their product. Many have been doing this for many decades. The building’s Victorian-era glass roof will amaze you. It’s worth spending an hour there as you travel through Leeds centre.

16. Middleton Railway

Middleton Railway, Leeds

Are you looking for a day of relaxation where you can see both the city and the surrounding countryside? Middleton Railway is a great place to go. It has been in operation for more than two centuries and is one of the oldest operating railways in the country. Children will love to travel to Middleton Railway in Winter, when they offer a Santa service that allows them to meet him on the train. Many young children find it very enjoyable to experience the English countryside in Winter when the snow covers the fields. This attraction should not be missed.

17. Town Hall Tavern

English people love classic pub food, and if they haven’t tried traditional Yorkshire pub food, then it is likely that you are missing out. The Town Hall Tavern is one of the most highly rated taverns here in Yorkshire. Stop by to see it for yourself. You’ll get to experience the authentic Yorkshire cuisine with a range of dishes, all made from food that is sourced locally. You don’t have to make a reservation. Just come in and relax, enjoy a friendly meal, and a cozy pub.

18. Harewood House

Harewood House

Do you want to see an estate house that has both history and modern twists? Harewood House is the perfect place to find that. While Harewood House strives to be relevant, it also maintains a strong grasp on the past with one of the best art collections in England. You don’t have to travel far to Leeds City Centre, as buses leave every 15 minutes. There are even opportunities to view penguins, parrots, and flamingos. It is known for its Bird Garden. You can take some time to enjoy the gardens and the beauty of the architecture, culture, and heritage. You can also let your children play in this enormous playground in Yorkshire.

19. Victoria Quarter

Victoria Quarter, Leeds

You’ll be amazed at Leeds’ mix of modern architecture and traditional architecture, as well as the many old buildings. You can see the mix of old and new in Leeds by walking through the city center to the Victoria Quarter. From the outside, the Victoria Quarter appears very modern. It’s not modern, but once you get inside you’ll be amazed at the stunning medleys of steel and marble. The typical Victorian glass ceiling allows light to flood in from the top. Even if your goal is to shop, it’s worth taking the time to look around this gorgeous building.

20. My Thai Leeds

My Thai Leeds

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right restaurant while abroad. It can be difficult to know what to expect or whether you can trust a restaurant while it is being inspected. My Thai Leeds, which seats around 25 people, is one of the best restaurants. While you will be greeted warmly and served traditional Thai food, it is best that you make a reservation. It’s difficult to find authentic Thai food in Leeds, but here you will find it. The delicious dishes are sure to make you want to eat more than you planned. You must bring cash with you to this restaurant.

21. Leeds City Museum

Leeds City Museum

Museums that don’t charge admission are something we all enjoy. This museum is great for children and adults who have a childlike side. There is a Toddler Town in the museum where children can have fun, do craft activities and go to the Life on Earth Gallery to dig for fossils. You’re likely to want to dig for fossils as much as your children. So who knows what you might discover in Leeds City Museum.

22. Hyde Park Picture House

Hyde Park Picture House

There were not many new buildings built during WWI. The Hyde Park Picture House is a special place to visit. It was opened in 1914. Although the newspaper’s focus was on the war, an advertisement proclaimed its opening. It was called “The Cosiest In Leeds”. Today, it continues to live up to this title. It still retains many of its original features such as an ornate balcony and classic red chairs, as well gas lighting. You will also find rare 35mm projectors that are fully functional. You can watch classic films or the best of the international cinema scene. They show family films every Saturday at noon if you don’t want to miss the opportunity, but you are traveling with children younger than what is shown.

23. Teppanyaki


Are you a fan of Japanese food? Teppanyaki is the perfect place to try Japanese food if you answered yes. You will enjoy a Japanese atmosphere in one of Leeds’s best restaurants. You will be amazed at how your chefs prepare your food right in front of you. Watch them flip and juggle your food, adding a touch of fire to it. This highly-rated restaurant is very popular and it’s worth making a reservation. Many people avoid Japanese restaurants because they are too fussy. However, Teppanyaki caters to everyone. There is no bad experience.

24. Angelica


Imagine yourself sitting at the top at Trinity Centre, with a cocktail in hand, and enjoying a stunning panoramic view of the entire city. Angelica is exactly that. They are a mix of modern architecture and a pewter-bar with a bright, airy design. You can relax, enjoy the view, and let the mixologists and chefs work behind the scenes.

25. Battlefield Leeds

Battlefield Leeds

You can have a fun, exciting day with your family on laser tag. You can perform many tasks using state-of-the art equipment, including acting as a VIP escort or capturing and holding the base for your team. This family-friendly day out allows you to communicate with your team. You can bring anyone from 7 to 7, and there is no upper age limit. 2 hours of entertainment for PS17.50 each. You’ll get warm drinks for free, which is a great deal considering the possibility of rain in England.


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