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Dr Andre Nel Hair Transplant Dublin


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About clinic:

Hair transplant in Dublin

My commitment to you is that my technical team and I are 100% committed to restoring your hair to its natural state.
Send me an email or call me to schedule an appointment. A one-on-one conversation about your goals and expectations towards hair restoration and confidence is the best thing.


Follicle unit excision (formerly Follicle unit extraction) is the best hair transplant technique for hair transplantation that involves a minimally invasive method to remove hair follicles at the back and sides.

These follicles can then be transplanted to areas that have experienced hair loss.

The surgical procedure involves using a special punch to remove the hair follicles.

The grafts can be sorted and kept at cool temperatures in organ storage solution or normal saline. After cooling, they are processed and transplanted to the areas that have lost their hair.


Q Why Is FUE Ideal for Hair Loss?

Follicle Unit Excision provides remarkable results for patients with dense hair growth in the desired areas.

This treatment is also permanent and offers patients relief from hair loss. It is one of the most sought-after methods for hair loss treatment.

Follicle Unit Excision Harvesting is a suitable method for hair transplant surgery. It's available to both men as well as women

Q Does it look natural?

A natural hairline is key to creating a natural appearance. The most prominent areas of the hair-bearing scalp are the Hairline, Part, and Whorl. These areas are easily identifiable as they can give off an unnatural appearance. These are the key factors to creating a natural appearance. This requires one hair graft in the transition zone. Then, two hair transplants are needed in the defined zone. Finally, three hair grafts are placed in the frontal core. This, combined with the correct hair follicle direction and angle, as well as a meticulous placement of grafts outside the body, all contribute to a natural appearance.


It is the fact that it provides a permanent solution to hair loss caused by Androgenetic Alopecia and other causes.
This means that after the hair transplant surgery is complete, new hair growth will occur in affected areas and there will be no more hair loss from newly transplanted hair.

This is a minimally invasive procedure that involves special techniques. The hair follicles of the donor area are removed from the scalp and then the follicles transplanted to the recipient areas.

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