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Este Medical Group Hair Transplant Leeds


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About clinic:

Sam Cinkir, our founder and managing director has many years’ experience in aesthetics. He is dedicated to bringing the best smile to your face. Sam Cinkir has been providing the highest quality beauty services for almost 20 years by combining derma-aesthetic technology with custom aesthetic solutions.
Este Medical Group was established in Birmingham in 2015. Sam has opened many more branches in the UK and around the world since then. Sam is thrilled to expand and grow the Este Medical Group worldwide, with clinics in Turkey, Bangladesh, and Italy.

Este provides a unique clinic experience, treating over 2,000 clients per day in each UK clinic. Our consultants will welcome you and make sure you are informed before you go.

Sam believes everyone should feel good about their bodies and that quality treatment at an affordable price is something everyone should have. Este is determined to improve self-esteem and confidence, as well as remove any self-imposed limitations.

We are a well-respected professional in our field thanks to the high-profile clients we have. Sam is a well-respected trichologist and a recipient of numerous awards.


Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

  • Hair that is densely packed and natural-looking will look more natural
  • Implanting hair in the same direction as your hair grows
  • To ensure the best results, our experienced doctors use a sapphire knife technique.
  • We don’t use a motorised FUE robot, as this can be too inconvenient and doesn’t yield the best results.
  • The FUE method allows you to keep your hair very short, if desired, without worrying about scarring.
  • You will look more youthful and feel more confident!


Q Is this treatment right for my type of male hair loss?

For some male hair loss types, a hair transplant may not be the right option. We offer non-surgical options that can sometimes work better. You might have light hair loss and require Laser Hair Regrowth treatment. Contact your local UK clinic to learn more about our hair-loss treatments for men.

Q How long after treatment can I start to style my hair again?

This hair restoration procedure is not invasive and will give you naturally-looking, denser hair. This involves taking hair follicles out of a donor area, and then grafting them onto a bald or thinned area.

Straight away, you can tie your hair. Two weeks after surgery, you can use heat products such as straighteners and hair dryers. You can't use hair spray for four weeks following treatment because it can cause blockages and ingrown hairs. We will talk to you about this in your consultation at the nearest UK clinic. You will notice a difference in your hair within a few days.

Q What do I need to do post-surgery?

Este Medical Group is passionate about providing the best possible treatment. This extends beyond the initial treatment and into ongoing, high-quality aftercare.

Our team of experts will wash your hair after your transplant to prevent infection and to keep the hair follicles from falling out. You can also use Laser Hair Growth treatment for one month post-transplant to stimulate rapid growth of both your new hair and your existing hair. During your consultation at the UK clinic, we will go over all of this further.

Q How long will I start to see my hair grow back?

The time it takes to grow thick hairs will be 6-12 months. It is difficult to predict how long it will take for your hair growth to match your existing hair. This depends on how long your hair grows and how fast it grows. During your consultation at the nearest UK clinic, we can discuss these issues further.

Q Do I need to take time off work?

In 2-5 days, you can return to work and the transplanted hair will be out. Within 2 to 3 weeks, it should be possible to resume your normal activities. You should start to notice new hair growth in a few months. These results last forever.

The general healing process takes between 5-10 days for any reddening and swelling to disappear. You can choose to take longer off work.


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