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Hair Transplant Belfast FUE Hair Transplant


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About clinic:

Belfast Hair Transplant Clinic is part of Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinics

We can help you restore your hairline and confidence!

We, hair transplant Belfast, can help you if you’re one of the 6.5,000,000 men in the UK, including Belfast and Northern Ireland, who are experiencing hair loss.

Our UK Hair Transplant Surgeons all have GMC registrations and our clinics have CQC registrations so you can rest assured that your procedure will only be performed by experienced professionals. This will ensure that you get a natural looking hairline that lasts forever.

If you are a:

  1. Suffer from low self-esteem or lack of confidence
  2. Suffer from hair loss or hair thinning

FUE Hair Transplant Method

Follicular units extraction is an updated version of the standard follicular-unit transplantation . Both techniques use the same technique for transplantation.

The method used to harvest the hair from the donor region is what makes the difference. Instead of removing a hairline, then suturing it together and then dissecting the individual follicular unit under a microscope, the FUE method removes each follicular unit from the scalp one at a time. There is no need to stitch the wound and microscopes are not required.

You can remove the follicular units by placing a 1mm punch around one follicular device and then cutting a small circular through the skin around it. Once the follicular unit has been grasped, it is gently pulled from the connective tissue underneath.

It is done once it is removed. It is now ready to be inserted. It will heal on its own over a period of one to two weeks. The process can be repeated hundreds of time until you get the desired number of foollicular units. Instead of a single, white linear scar, as is the case with traditional follicular units transplantation, patients are left with many 1 mm round scars.

The advantage claimed by the supporters is less visible scarring and tightness of the scalp, as no tissue was grafted like in traditional follicular unit transplantation.

Follicular unit extraction is a good idea in theory but has some serious drawbacks. The greatest problem is that not all patients are able to undergo follicular unit extract. These patients may experience a tendency to tear the follicular units as they are being extracted from the skin. If the follicular unit is damaged, it will not be able to grow as well. A test procedure is often recommended to verify that the patient’s follicular unit are intact after extraction.

It is also difficult to do large sessions. Extractions are slow and tedious. Patients who require large sessions might need to return several days later than they would for standard follicular units transplantation. This is in contrast to the DHI hair-transplant technique, which is done the same day.

Long term growth capacity is a concern. The underlying tissues are gently removed from the follicular units during extractions. These grafts often leave out the most important component of connective tissue below the follicles. This could lead to a gradual weakening in the follicular unit.

This is a new method, so surgeons can’t be certain of the long-term results. Patients must also understand that there will be scarring in the donor area. The back of the scalp will be shaved with hundreds to thousands of small, round scars from follicular unit extraction. It is not clear if this scarring is better than a straight one.

This would be especially relevant to:

  • Due to tightness of the hair, patients with limited donor material have been left behind.
  • Patients who heal with large scars after surgery tend to be more fragile.
  • Patients who have lost their eyebrows or moustache hair and require follicular units that are a specific size
  • Military patients who have to keep their hair short in the donor area must do so.


We believe that traditional follicular unit (SFU) transplantation was useful. However, the DHI and FUE techniques are superior at a comparable cost. Patients are receiving better treatment and better results for the same amount.

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