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How To See The Best of 24 Hours in Liverpool


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It’s possible to combine Manchester with Liverpool for a weekend getaway or to take a day trip between the two cities. What are the top things to do in Liverpool? Find out that Liverpool bucket list.

Admire Liverpool Station

With its impressive glass roof and Victorian-era embellishments, the Liverpool station was stunning.

Walk along the Mersey

The dolphin-encrusted lampposts that ran along the Mersey was one of my first observations. It reminded me of the seahorses that were found on lamps along the River Liffey, Dublin. The view from St. Georges Hall of the Radio City Tower was a nice touch. It gave me a mix of old and modern. The majestic lions were seen sitting in front of St. Georges Hall. Did you know? Liverpool is UNESCO World Heritage-rated Because of its maritime history?

The Cunard Building

One Day in Liverpool: The Cunard Building

Liverpool architecture is beautiful, especially when it’s reflected in the harbor. The Cunard Building was another impressive landmark we passed. On my next business trip to the UK, I was able to visit Liverpool’s Cunard Building. It was very elegant with its modern chandeliers and sweeping staircases. The walls were adorned with ghostly images of cruise ships such as the Titanic or Lusitania, reminding us about the tragic history of the line. It just so happened that the Queen Mary 2 was in port on that day, and it seemed like everyone was abuzz. It was a great opportunity to see the future and past of this legendary cruise line.

Breakfast at Cafe Tabac

We arrived in Liverpool quite early and wanted breakfast for our first business. Cafe Tabac, Bold Street was our first stop. They make great oatmeal (porridge).

Explore Liverpool’s Chinatown

Liverpool in a Day: Chinatown Gate

Even though Chinatown is small, Liverpool has a magnificent Chinatown gate. You should keep an eye out for street art in Liverpool.

Liverpool Waterfront and Albert Dock

Liverpool’s waterfront is beautiful and very tourist-friendly. We enjoyed a long walk along the river. People were playing a sport that looked a lot like water polo, but with kayaks. A quick Google search revealed that the sport is indeed called kayak polo. We quickly reached Albert Dock, the heart of tourist activity in Liverpool. We made a quick stop at Albert Dock and spent more time there later in the afternoon.

Mathew Street

We returned to the main area of Liverpool, walking towards Mathew Street, where the Beatles started. From a nearby hotel, you can see the Fab Four smiling. A brick wall is erected at the Cavern Club that lists the names of all artists who have played there throughout the years, including the Beatles.

Lunch on Bold Street and shopping at Bluecoat Art and Craft Centre

For lunch, we chose cheap pub food at Yate’s on Bold Street. As we ate and drank a pint, we had a great vantage point from which to watch the world go by. On our return to Albert Dock, we stopped at Bluecoat’s art and craft center. The rather random birdhouses outside the Bluecoat art and craft centre was a nice touch. The Bluecoat art gallery shop featured a Thomas Hill sculpture. It was a familiar sight since our time in San Francisco. His work is often on display at Velvet da Vinci, Polk St. in San Francisco.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Liverpool in a day: Merseyside Maritime Museum

We spent some time exploring the Merseyside Marine Museum. The main exhibit was about the shipwrecks that occurred on the Titanic, Lusitania and Empress Of Ireland. A good exhibit was also on display about Shackleton’s harrowing journey to Antarctic, as well as the “Hello Sailor”, a unique representation of gay life on the ocean waves.

The Beatles Story

Best Beatles Story Tours & Tickets - Book Now

The Beatles Story was open at the end of our day in Liverpool. The Beatles museum is open slightly later than other shops and attractions. The Beatles Story was open from 5 to 7 PM. It was fascinating and detailed. The (rather high) admission price (13.95 GBP at time of our visit) included a complimentary audio guide. It was worth the effort. The history and memorabilia were very detailed. It was beginning to worry that the exhibit would run out of time. However, the exhibit finishes when the Beatles split up in 1970. It doesn’t cover the drama of John Lennon and their solo careers.


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