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Vinci Hair Loss Clinic Dublin


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About clinic:

Over a decade of experience, we are the source of many successful procedures and modern as well as innovative methods.

Our clinics of hair transplant in Dublin have served over 100 million satisfied patients around the world. Get back your confidence today!

Vinci Hair Transplant

Vinci FUE utilizes the most advanced medical technology and minimally invasive technology in order to produce natural, refined results.

  • Your confidence will grow over time as well as your newly placed hair.
  • Permanent medical solution for balding and thinning areas
  • Hairlines that are completely natural and last a lifetime

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Q How does a hair transplant work?

The genetic programming of hair on the sides and back of the head allows it to grow for the rest of your life. Hair transplants are a simple way to distribute this permanent hair to the balding and thin areas of the scalp.

Q Why am I losing my hair?

There are many causes of hair loss. It is important to seek expert medical advice to determine the best treatment. For example, male pattern baldness is caused by a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which damages the hair follicles on the top of the head, but doesn't affect the hairs on the back and sides of the head. Female hair loss can be caused by the same hormone, but in a different way. Stress, scalp conditions, and certain medications are all possible causes of hair loss. Vinci Hair Clinic offers personalised advice for hair loss.

Q Will the hair grow naturally?

Absolutely. It will grow at the same rate as your other hair because it is your natural hair.

Q Will I have to shave my head for my hair transplant?

Vinci FUE sessions will need us to trim your donor area very quickly.

Q How long does it take for the hair to grow?

Regrowth takes place in stages. Transplanted hair can be in various phases, from growth to dormant. This means that regrowth starts approximately three months after the operation. Hair growth is active for at least three months, so we expect to see some hair growing by the six-month stage. Regrowth occurs almost entirely between 12 and 18 months.


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