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24 Hours in Bristol


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This blog will show you how to make the most out of your time in Bristol.

Adventure doesn’t have to be far away, even if you don’t live there right now. Great Britain is a great place to visit if your idea of adventure or your budget for adventure is more UK-centric than global. It’s a great way for a quick getaway without having to travel too far.

– How do you see Bristol in one day

Bristol is a city on the coast of GB. It’s located in Wales. Bristol is a popular place for young people to live. . We are here to have some fun!

What you should do with your 24 hours in Bristol. All inclusive: Activities, food and shopping.

24 Hours in Bristol
weekend in bristol

When to visit Bristol

When there is a festival, it’s the best time to visit Bristol. Bristol loves festivals, but the International Balloon Fiesta is August. It’s a wonderful time to view hot air balloons fly over Bristol. This is also a fantastic time for keen photographers. This is the best time to visit Bristol, if I had to choose.

What to see in Bristol in 24 hours

10am Clifton Suspension Bridge

For your 24 hour stay in Bristol, the Clifton Suspension Bridge will be your best choice. The bridge, which is 75m high, is a symbol of Bristol. It was beautiful on the sunny day that I was there. I walked back and forth across the bridge, admiring the views from up there.

The Observatory is open for visitors, but it was closed to me. Let me know how it is.

11am Mooch round Clifton

Clifton, a half a mile away, is a beautiful place to walk around – it’s full of colourful houses, winding streets, stunning vistas, and green spaces. For maximum beauty in Bristol, walk back through Park Street or College Green.

If you’re looking for an outdoor swim, check out the Clifton Lido or the Birdcage Walk.

Weekend in Bristol

You can check out the tours if you are visiting Bristol on a weekend as it would be. There’s a lot of cycling in this area. You can also find street art (Banksys galore!) everywhere! You can visit the Harbourside by boat or in a hot-air balloon. Unfortunately, none of these runs on Mondays.

Weekend in Bristol

There are many coffee bars in the city, it is not surprising. Avoid the big chain coffee shops. If you prefer a Bristol-based chain, try Cafe Gusto or Wainright’s Coffee in Clifton. It was only a short walk from the suspension bridge and I enjoyed a great cold brew.

It can be taken to the nearby City Hall or Bristol Cathedral grounds, where you can enjoy a brew with a beautiful view and an enjoyable day in Bristol.

11:30 am Brunch in Clifton

Rosmarino is a popular spot in Clifton to have brunch, breakfast, or lunch. This Italian-style restaurant serves the best breakfast spread in Bristol, called ‘colazioni. It is located at the corner of Clifton Road & York Place, just a few minutes walk from Clifton Village Centre. Breakfast is available until 3:00pm.

You can also visit the Primrose Cafe. It was great for organizing hen parties. I once had about 20 people come here. For large groups, they had an upstairs area.

Weekend in Bristol

You have only 24 hours to explore Clifton, so you must make the most of your foodie experiences. A big brunch is one way to do this.

Boyce’s Avenue in Clifton is a great place to shop if you prefer boutique shops that are unique and a little more personal. There are many more adorable ones.

1pm Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

You can find Millennium Square at the center of town. But, you should also go through Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. You can find out all about the city and see the treasure trove of treasures that have been collected from all over the globe. It is a stunning example of Edwardian baroque architecture and well worth a visit.

2pm Learn something at the Science Museum

Weekend in Bristol

You can walk back to the center of the city, and then head towards the We The Curios Science Museum. I love science museums. I enjoy exploring the exhibits and learning new things that I didn’t know at school. This Planetarium was the perfect place to be. It was a great opportunity to sit down and take a look at the stars. She also pointed out the Autumn constellations, and gave us some information about the Greek history of our skies. So interesting.

Broken Dock is a great place to eat if you are looking for nearby food. The fish broth was delicious. They had made the boiled eggs pink and I’m not sure how they do it. My neighbor ordered a cheese toasty. The cheese oozed over the sourdough and it was delicious.

This is a great location for the Science Museum and the SS Ship, which I didn’t make it to.

4pm Shopping in Bristol 

Despite my claims that I don’t like shopping, I find myself in the changing rooms on my little UK jaunts. Cabot Circus has a large shopping center that houses all the high-street stores. I bought a necklace from Oliver Bonas after going a bit crazy in Primark.

The longest street in Europe, Gloucester Road, Bristol is home to independent shops. However, the year-round St Nicholas Market or St Nick’s is a unique place to visit. In awards that verify that, it is often voted England’s best indoor marketplace. These independent retailers are excellent, but the street food stalls are even better.

It’s important to include some shopping in your 24 hour stay in Bristol.

6pm Evening Entertainmen

Monday night is the slowest night for entertainment in any city. There are many things happening in Bristol… every night of the week. I would have loved to seen Legally Blonde at the hippodrome. But A) I’ve already seen it. B) I wanted more from ‘Bristol.

I ended up watching Closer each Day at the Wardrobe Theatre. This is a weekly improvised soap opera which has been running for more than five years. It was a surprise to me, but I found it very funny and enjoyed the experience. I laughed a lot and enjoyed everything.

The Louisiana could be your last stop on your first day in Bristol. The music is great and the bar is inspired by New Orleans. The party continues until late. Or you could try nightclub-on-a-boat Thekla, ultra-alternative discoteque Lakota and bowling alley-cum-bar-cum-nightclub The Lanes.

Day two in Bristol

Stokes Croft is your destination

Stokes Croft is a popular area in Bristol known for being the “arty” part of the city. This is where the cool kids hang out. You can enjoy the sun and barbecues in this area.

Weekend in Bristol

You can start at the beginning of the area marked on the map and then wander around. You will find something interesting in Stokes Croft.

Stokes Croft has many great restaurants. I had an amazing lunch at Jamaica Street Stores. The restaurant opened just two weeks ago and serves up healthy food in a bar that I would love to see in my own home. You can get three small meals for PS10 at lunch, which is what I did. Definite 5 of 5. Weekend in Bristol

I would also recommend The Creative Egg in Stokes Croft. There were many beautiful places there. Just pick one, turn around and touch the ground.

The Crafty Egg is the perfect spot to chill out or enjoy a brunch-style breakfast.

More things to see in Bristol in 24 hours

Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower is located in a park on Brandon Hill between the city center, Clifton, and Hotwells. This listed grade II building was constructed in 1890s to mark the 400th anniversary John Cabot’s journey from Bristol to Canada. It’s a fascinating history, huh? You can now climb it to enjoy the view out over the city.

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Bristol Zoo Gardens was opened in 1836. It is the fifth-oldest zoo IN WORLD. The zoo has helped save over 175 species. Red pandas, tree-kangaroos, and many other species can be seen at the zoo.

Brunel’s SS Great Britain

Wapping Wharf is where you can see Brunel’s SS Great Britain. It was once the longest passenger vessel in the world. To see the ship and learn more about its past, you can join a tour that costs only £20.

Bristol Aquarium

weekend in bristol

The Bristol Aquarium is the best place in Bristol to view marine life. You will find over 40 displays and many sea creatures here. The Bristol Aquarium is a well-known aquarium.

Your day in Bristol

Bristol, the largest city of South West England, is a historic landmark that dates back hundreds of years. It has a rich maritime history, but it is now known as one the most exciting places in the UK.

The ‘coolness’ is not the only thing Bristol has. It also has great views of the River Frome and River Avon – both two of the most beautiful rivers in England. You can expect cool architecture and well-designed cities, built on the hills above the coast, thanks to all the financial opportunities it has provided over the years.

Bristol is a wonderful place to spend 24 hour. Actually, I am convinced that I must return to Bristol as soon as I can write this.


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