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Troy Hair Clinic Istanbul


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About clinic:

People suffering from hair loss are searching the internet for Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic. Troy Hair, Turkey’s leading clinic in cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation, is among the best in Turkey.

Troy Hair has modern surgical rooms that are equipped with the most advanced technology and the best hair transplantation and restoration techniques. With a professional and experienced staff, Troy Hair is one of the leading clinics in Turkey.

1 15 years experience plastic surgeon takes full responsibility for the entire procedure and the final result. The consultation is done face-to-face with each patient. He also manages and participates in all hair transplant surgeries.

2 Hair Transplants are performed under local anesthesia. Most other clinics only use one technician to administer the same anesthesia to every patient. Our clinic has anesthesia experts who apply the anesthesia to each patient based on their age, health, height, and weight. To prevent any unexpected situations, anesthesia experts monitor the operation.

3 Some patients might be extremely sensitive to needles. The doctor who is an anesthesia specialist applies sedation to help the patient feel more relaxed and comfortable before receiving local anesthesia. The patient is able to feel the local anesthesia needles even without sedation.

4 Our surgery rooms are fully equipped and compatible with European Health Standards and Ministry of Health regulations. All equipment and surgery rooms are clean to prevent infection.

5 We have a very skilled staff. Hair transplantation requires teamwork. When it comes to experience and skill, we only hire the best. It is important to have a harmonious team. Our staff have been with us for at most 5 years. They are in great harmony.

6 Our patients are not customers. We are not traders. Because we are a medical clinic, each patient is important to us. We want every patient to feel satisfied and happy.

FUE Hair Transplant:

FUE Hair Transplant is the most popular method for hair transplantation. It offers permanent solutions to areal hair loss. FUE is short for “Follicular Unit Extract”. This is a process that can be used to treat genetic baldness, malnutrition, and hair loss caused by the incorrect use of drugs. The effects of aging and hair loss due to diseases can also occur. It is difficult to predict when hair loss will begin. However, hair loss can lead to psychological and physical problems. People often seek hair transplantation to alleviate these aesthetic concerns.

What is FUE Hair Transplant Technique?

The FUE method is the newest trend in hair transplantation. This technique involves transferring the grafts to the area that is balding. Because there can be up to four hair strands in a graft, it is more common to plant multiple hair shafts than with a sutured one. This technique reduces the amount of hair that is in the donor area to about 0. The hair follicles can then be taken one at a time using a 0.6 to0.7 mm instrument. There is no bleeding. This is the greatest advantage of this method. The same procedure is repeated in the area without hair immediately.

This technique allows the surgeon to be more creative. The surgeon can decide how the hairless area is to be closed and what grafts are used. This method does not require any sutures. It’s a straightforward process. Patients won’t feel any pain after the operation. They don’t have to go to hospital for heavy bleeding or other conditions. This is a good thing for your health, and it can help you reach your short-term goals.

What to do after FUE Transplantation?

After the procedure is completed, there are a few things you need to remember. The first is that the medical dressing must be applied within one day of the operation. Next, the bandages should be removed at the hospital. It is important not to wash the transplanted area for three days. The doctor will give you the medication. Your doctor will recommend which medications to use. You can wash your clothes at home, but you should follow the directions of your doctor.

It will be unique to each person so we will explain how to care for it. These are the only important things about FUE hair transplant. The patient must ensure that the area is protected for at least one week. This area should not be touched or hit. Patients should not scratch their heads, even if they feel itchy. Also, patients should not use towels or drying devices. You should take care of this FUE process carefully so you get what you are due.

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